Telephone problems

6 May 2014 11:59 AM -
Dear Customers,

We are currently caught in an issue with a telecommunications company which is effecting up to 65000 businesses Australia wide. As a result, we have no telephone access and are unable to make or receive any phone calls. This also means our eftpos facilities are down as well.
Even though this situation is completely out of our hands, we sincerely apologize to all for the inconvenience this causes.
You can still contact us via email at the following -

or alternatively through social media on our Facebook pages -

Urgent telephone enquiries can be made by calling the following mobiles -

Neville Kschenka 0428 696 214
Kschenka 0429 602 464
Kschenka 0488 622 843

Hopefully this issue can be resolved ASAP

Custom Music Pty Ltd